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Major Steve Seats,  99th MAS
On 14 August 2020  Maj Seats passed away after a long battle with cancer, he was 70'
While in the 99th from 1979 - 1984  he was a VC-140B Aircraft Commander.
No other details at this time.  When they arrive I will post them.  
Clear Skies and Fair winds Airman,  CVAU

Word has arrived that MSgt. Gary A. Toth, a long time JetStar & Gulfstream Flt. Mech passed away.  Gary was 66 his service will be held on Wed.  2 Sept 2020  The OB and details will be posted soon.

Another notice gang
Ev DeWolfe's wife has passed away.  She died on 17 August 2020.   We have not real details at this time.
Ev has asked for people not to call at this time.  But text and emails would be fine.  For those of us who had known or met her , she was a fine lady.    Our prayers are with you Ev.  

15 May  2020

SMSgt  J  J  Hamilton
1 December  1938  to  10 May 2020
98th MAS   1st MAS  58th MAS

Word came the other day that JJ had passed away.
For those of you who knew him and flown with him you will remember 
what a kind and gentle leader he was.   
I was fortunate to have worked in the office with him and flown with him.
His guidance and leadership during the "splitting" of the Stewards section during the squadron break up was just what was needed for that project.

He served for 27 years and nine months retiring on 1 August 1988. His duties as a flight examiner and NCOIC gave him tremendous respect amongst his subordinates and peers.  Both with the 89th and the 58th he was a dedicated NCOIC.
At this time, Lee's funeral home in Clinton will be assisting the family and a date for his interment at Arlington will be announced.   His family back in the Louisville, KY area will be holding a service, I will announce that when I hear. 

When his family has finished composing his Obituary I will post it here along with any information about a service here in the ADW area.

Thank you for being our leader and friend JJ.  Fair Winds, Blue Skies Hotcupper..  CVAU

Lt. Col.  John  T.  Kite
1931 - 2020
98th MAS,  AF Two Navigator for VP S. Agnew

MSgt  Dave  Japp

Word has some in and no details at this time that Dave Japp a FE with the Boeings (135 & 137's) in the 98th MAS

When word arrives I will update this note.

Lt Col.  John A.  Means   1298th MATS

Word has come that Col. Means has flown west at 101.
What we know at this time his service was 1942 to 1965 and was an early SAM pilot after the Korean War.
Services in Summerville, SC are not complete at this time  4/23 
will post more when we have heard from the family.

A note for all our members

This web page is for our own "family" of members.
In it we share old stories and sad news.   Bob and I try and post as soon as we hear the bad news of one of our family members "headed west".  
When we receive a notice from a family member or what the family posted on a funeral home web site, we post as is because it is from the family and not for us to edit. 
When we have to write our own and try and keep it personal, after all its family.

These past few weeks we have posted several notices  The most recent one was for Zap.  

The information we post is for our knowledge and if members want to use it that is okay with us.  BUT,  if you download it and repost it on fb or something similar,  please remove/edit any of the personal data  (ie: address, emails or phone numbers)

That way we are not exposing our "family members" to any outside propping eyes of those who may do them harm at a time when they don't need it.

Thank you gang for all the help you give us.

Chuck  &  Bob

Major Pete "Zap" Zapalo
We learned today that  Zap has died .  He had a cancer for sometime
His family was with at the time

Barb is at  573 Agnes St.    Greensburg, PA  15601
In lieu of flowers, please donate to the charity of your choice.   With things as they are at this time it will be a limited funeral service.

"Zap" arrived at the 98th/1st MAS in 1979 and retired in 1989
He first flew the VC-135 and was an initial for the VC-20A&B

Funeral arrangements will be with  Caughman-Harman Funeral Home in Lexington, SC  No other information at this time.
                                                        This is the link for CMS Kim Johnson's article 

Arlington  Burial  Date:
MSgt.  Scott Scheck  former  1st MAS  FA
    He will be buried at Arlington  National  Cemetery  on 22 April 2019  At 10:00  
If you plan on attending,  be at the Reception Center  NLT  09:15  and be prepared to walk.  
                any questions  Chuck has more details. 

Another   Sad  Note
Mrs. Colleen  Palmer,   Charlie's  wife passed away this morning  (Monday 4 Feb. 2019 ).  
SERVICES:  A Memorial Service will held on Thur. the 7th from 3:00pm  to  5:00 pm at the same funeral home
where Charlie's was held.   Lee Funeral Home,  Owings,  MD 20736   
There will be a get together at Teresa  Friedman's after.

MSgt.   Ron Trent   1st MAS  135/137 FE  passed away.  He was buried on March 19, 2019  in Glen Allen, VA where he has lived for several years.  Ron a longtime Flight Engineer with the VC-135 & 137's in both the 98th MAS and then the 1st MAS.  He was a long time member of the Sam Fox Assoc. and a regular attendee at the reunions.   He had been battling Cancer (from Agent Orange) for sometime.  Fair Winds and Blue Skies Airman.

Her  Funeral will be later in a few months when she joins Charlie at Arlington.
She was as much a part of the Air Force One Family as she was to the Sam Fox Family.
We will miss her at the monthly luncheons.

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